Dec 13, 2016

Science in the Pub event JUST added for next week, Thursday 2/24!

Hi Pubfans, sorry for the short notice, but we have just added an event next Thursday, Feb 24 from 6-8 PM at Austin’s Pizza on Guadalupe.

Some of you may notice that this is a change in venue, time and day for us. This is a one-time change in order to make room for this special event. Please do us the favor of helping get the word out to your friends.

UT-Austin researcher Dr. Sara Sawyer will be joined by Robert Gifford from Rockefeller University to discuss the field of paleovirology. They are both young leaders in the subject, and we are very excited to have them. Viruses and their ancestors have shaped animal evolution from the very beginning, and they will be telling us all about the forensic evidence leftover today that helps us recreate this evolutionary battlefield. Where will our love/hate relationship with viruses take us in the future? We’ll cover that too.

Come join us for the same great science, the same jargon-free atmosphere, the same cold beer . . . and this time with pizza! If you have any questions, email us at scienceinthepub at gmail dot com. See you next week!

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